Increase Visibility with Ready-made HTML Email Templates

Convenience has been added to the email marketing processes due to introduction of the HTML email templates. Life of the marketers has become simple in the process too. It is an innovative method without any doubt. By following to the format of the template, layout can be organized in much better manner. Design plays an important role in the layout of template. If you implement the tips below then look of the HTML can be improved certainly.

Readable HTML Email

Basic rule of HTML email design creation is its readability. It is important to ensure that email can be read by the recipient effortlessly. Both the background color and text must be chosen carefully on the occasion also. Background of the HTML email templates must not distract the readers from the content on the foreground. Complicated language must not be utilized. In case of a dark text, you must use a light background. Otherwise, you can use a dark background and light colored texts also. Text used on the template must be read also without the background image also.

Size of the font must be given importance on the occasion too. Text must not be too large or small. It can be large only if you want to create a certain effect. It is better to avoid capital letters with the text message on email also. Instead, you can use bold texts to provide enough emphasis. Text must be aligned properly. Instead of the center alignment, left alignment must be preferred. For the headlines only, center alignment can be chosen. Recipient may feel comfortable with the left alignment text body.

Minimal images and graphics

For HTML email templates, clean and simple design must be utilized. It is better not to use multiple graphics on the occasion. Chances of distraction must be eliminated. Message can be delivered clearly. Email readers attention span may be about seven seconds. In case they go through the graphics only without looking at the text in first seven seconds then message may not be delivered clearly. Therefore, importance must be given on the text more during email marketing campaign.

So, numbers of the images must be limited. Some of clients disable images on their email settings also. Therefore, desired effect may not be noticed with the image only.

Consistent design and Layout

Through typefaces, graphics, headings and footers, consistency must be attained to deliver message with the email. If drop shadow is utilized with the bullet once then it must be utilized with all the other bullets also. Font colors and links must be given enough importance also. In addition, email message must be consistent also. Same strategy must be applied with the background colors and typefaces also. Professional feeling can be ensured with the HTML email templates.

Too much content should not be used

Long text with the email may not be beneficial. Due to lot of information at a time, the reader may feel bore. During the time, you must remember about the attention span of readers. Interesting and concise message must be offered. Following to the snippet of the message, a link can be offered to get the full content. To know more about the product or service, the link must be clicked. Through the template, you may able to get a format.

Choose eye pleasing colors

To grab the attention of the readers, cool or muted colors must be used instead of bright colors as it may discourage the customers. Garnish must be avoided as much as possible. Email must be made impressive with the assistance from HTML email templates. For creating the HTML email, enough attention must be given.

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